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Modi govt’s J&K policy has created space for Pak to misbehave: Rahul

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August 16, 2017

Rahul Gandhi today flayed the Jammu and Kashmir policy of the Narendra Modi government, alleging that it has created a space in the troubled state for Pakistan to “misbehave”.

His attack on the government at a Congress rally in Bengaluru comes a day after Modi, in his Independence Day address, reached out to Kashmiris, saying abuses and bullets would not resolve their problems but embracing them would.

“He (Modi) has created an environment in Jammu and Kashmir of hatred and anger, and the only people who benefit from violence and hatred are the Pakistanis,” he said.

Claiming that he worked on the J-K issue with Manmohan Singh, who was the prime minister, and leaders like P Chidambaram and Jairam Ramesh silently without any “drama or tamasha”, he said their effort of 10 years was “destroyed by Modi in one month”.

Gandhi said that the Congress-led coalition in 2004 inherited a government from Atal Bihari Vajpayee under which Kashmir was “burning”, and one of the biggest successes of the Manmohan Singh government was creating an environment of peace in J&K.

“We worked for 10 years to bring peace in Kashmir. We  did panchayat elections, we did work on employment, we  connected thousands of women there to banks. The reason was we wanted peace and harmony in Kashmir,” he said.

“We wanted to embrace the people of Jammu and Kashmir and we wanted them to embrace us. We wanted peace there, also  because when there is peace, Pakistan can do nothing in Jammu  and Kashmir… The space for Pakistan to do mischief there  closes,” he said. (Agencies)

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