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Hairy tales: Another woman in Delhi says braids were mysteriously chopped off

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August 03, 2017 :The mystery over incidents of women’s hair being chopped in Delhi and other states continues even as another such case was reported from the Ranhola area in the city.

In the latest incident, a 46-year-old woman complained that her braid was cut off by an unidentified person last night.

At least six incidents of women’s braids being mysteriously chopped off have so far been reported in different parts of the national capital. The police are trying to solve the cases with the help of psychiatrists from the Institute of Human Behavior and Allied Sciences (IBHAS) who have met the complainants.

Four such incidents were reported in the Chhawla area of south West Delhi on Sunday. Three women had claimed their braids were chopped off while they were home but could not say anything about suspects.

A 50-year-old woman from Palam had also filed a complaint with the police, alleging her braid was cut off. The matter has put the police in a piquant situation as they are grappling for clues.

“We have registered cases and a probe has been started. CCTV footage has not been of any help,” said a senior police officer. IBHAS doctors who counseled the victims also ruled out that the women cut their own hair due to “some psychological or emotional issues”, he said.

The help of experts has not yielded any clues about suspects. The women are traumatized and under stress, the official said. The police investigation did not find any signs of forced entry by outsiders in cases of women, who claimed that they were inside their homes and doors were locked. Police have also collected hair samples for some breakthrough clue.(Agencies)


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