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Only pen and paper inside jk assembly

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The authorities said that on the instructions of speaker the journalists covering the special session on GST will be allowed to use pen and paper only.no cameras and mobile phones would be allowed inside the assembly.

Reports said that speaker and the government have fears that during the session there is possiblity of many members making controversial remarks about the basicissue of kashmir. They fear that if such proceeding goes on air it will create problems for the Bjp government at the centre.

The issue of GST here has snowballed into a huge political issue with regional divide consequences. The state government is aware of the consequences of passing GST as already opposition national conference has said that they should first  safeguard the internal  freedom guaranteed under article 370.

Already the government has received feedback from its CID wing of police that GST could lead to another unrest if it is not handled properly by the ruling coalition.already jammu traders and ladakh traders have said that they want GST implementation without any further delay.

The state government has said that they will take all steps to safeguard the internal autonomy before passing GST in the state.

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