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Malik warns Kashmir Police of Social Boycott.

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Srinagar: After offering Friday prayers in Srinagar, police detained Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front chairman, Yasin Malik from Sarai Bala area of Srinagar.

Malik, who offered prayers in Iqra Masjid Sarai Bala was arrested just outside when he was leaving.

He had earlier gone into hiding to lead a Friday protest.

While speaking with the media while he was being taken away by the cops, Malik lashed at Jammu and Kashmir Police.

“Police has started entering mosques now, they are promoting RSS agenda here,” Yasin was heard saying by a photographer who was at the scene. “They (cops) should stop wearing uniform and put on RSS fatigues.”

He warned police of social boycott saying they should come out of this “hooliganism”  least we name them publically.

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