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As Rajnath Singh Slams Kashmiri Separatists, A Rebuke For Pakistan

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NEW DELHI: Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh today said his government is moving towards a permanent solution for Kashmir but asserted that it could not be resolved overnight. He also targetted separatist leaders, saying they were instigating the youth at the instance of Pakistan, a “country that cannot handle its problems”.

Separatists cannot be allowed to exploit and mislead Kashmiri youth for their personal benefit, Rajnath Singh said at a press conference to mark three years of the government.

“There are some powers (in Kashmir) that mislead people at Pakistan’s instance, that Pakistan whose eastern part has become Bangladesh, they could not handle it. They have not been able to handle Baluchistan, they have not been able handle Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. They have not been able to handle Sindh… FATA (Federally Administered Tribal Areas). What will that Pakistan do,” he said.

“What dream do the (separatists) cherish on the basis of such a Pakistan (that cannot handle its problems), I cannot understand,” he said, before blaming the separatists of deceiving the youth for their personal benefit.

“There is no doubt, no confusion that Pakistani is fomenting terror in Kashmir. But we will ensure that terrorism is uprooted from Kashmir soon. The violence will not last long,” Rajnath Singh said.

Officials hinted that the minister taking Pakistan, and the separatist leaders head-on wasn’t an off-the-cuff remark and was aimed at sending a clear, strong message.
Hours before the Home Minister’s briefing on the government’s achievements in the last three years, its anti-terror probe agency, the National Investigation Agency carried out raids at 22 locations in Jammu and Kashmir and Delhi targetting top separatist leaders and their close aides.

“We cannot permit the separatists to play with the future of the youth in Jammu and Kashmir,” he added.

As for the government, Mr Singh said the Centre wants a permanent solution to the Kashmir problem and “we will do that by taking Kashmiri people into confidence”.

But a problem that had been lingering since 1947 cannot be resolved in a few months.

“It can’t be resolved in a flash (chutki mein). It will require time, but we will come out with a permanent solution. We are moving ahead in that direction,” the minister said, pledging to remove every stone which can impede their path to a brighter future.

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