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Zubair pushed to militancy releases vedio

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The young boy zubair of Shopian for whom the tomnship observed shutdown has realsed vedio to tell that he has joined militant ranks.

Zubair ahmad turrey escaped from police post keegham on May 1 and his family along with people of the area were not convinced with the police statement.

In his vedio zubair has mentioned how police and authorities have forced him to join militant ranks.in the past four years the government has slapped 8 PSA s on him.he mentioned in the vedio the ordeal of his family to seek his release and how each time there hopes were dashed. He says in the vedio that after court quashed his last PSA he was under illegal detention of police for the past few months.

With each passing day new boys joining militant ranks where is the policy to counsel these boys.ask the people. Most of the new age militants are the products of police torture and humiliation.

The story of zubair ahmad turrey is no different. His family members have told vov reporter that they went to police many times and assured them that zubair will live normal life but they ruined his life and future.

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