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New Delhi to change its outlook on Kashmir:Nayeem Khan

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Pledging that Indian atrocities cannot deter the freedom loving Kashmiris from putting forth their demand of right to self determination, senior Hurriyat leader and Jammu Kashmir National Front chairman, Nayeem Ahmad Khan today said that unless and until New Delhi changes its outlook, there can be no ending to the bloodshed in Kashmir and the dream of stable south Asia cannot be fulfilled. Nayeem Khan was addressing party workers and office bearers at party head office during a meeting. The meeting was called to discuss the prevailing political situation in the disputed region. The party office bearers apprised their chairman about the latest situation and raised many issues regarding arrests in nook and corner and harassing people at the hands of police and forces.  Nayeem Khan told the party workers that New Delhi is using every sort of oppression, suppression and tyranny on Kashmiri people to make them surrender. India is using its local collaborators to suppress the voices in the disputed region. It is using all sorts of imperialistic tactics to crush Kashmiri people. India wants to use as much of forces against the freedom loving Kashmiris so that people should think twice before raising slogans of Azadi. However, Nayeem Khan said that freedom struggle of Kashmir is so deep rooted in the hearts and minds of the masses that every Indian subjugation is sure to fail.“Kashmiri people by means of their will and resilience have time and again proved that they want final settlement of Kashmir dispute,” Nayeem Khan said adding “people have rendered tremendous sacrifices to achieve the cause of freedom and it is not possible now for them to look back so New Delhi and its local stooges must accept the facts vis-a-vis Kashmir so that a suitable situation for the implementation of right to self determination is created.”  

Nayeem Khan said that India and its local collaborators using men in uniform have spread a reign of terror in nook and corner of Kashmir and hundreds of our common youth and political activists are languishing in jails facing fake and fabricated charges. They have been using infamous Public Safety Act (PSA) as a weapon to crush the voices and make people of Kashmir to surrender their political demands. Forces personnel have been directed to crush the people who dare to raise vices against continuous oppression, suppression and state terrorism. But Nayeem Khan said, the world is slowly recognising the struggle of Kashmiri people and day is not far when India has to leave the disputed territory.

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