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Regional divide demand grows fast.

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JAMMU: State President, Shri Ram Sena, Jammu and Kashmir, Rajiv Mahajan asked the Central Government to immediately separate Jammu and Ladakh region from Kashmir and give Jammu separate statehood, Kashmir separate state and Ladakh as Union territory to end discrimination with the citizens of Jammu and Ladakh at the hands of Kashmiri rulers.
Addressing press conference here on Friday, Mahajan said “We have our own political, social and economical aspirations, which cannot be met under the 70-year-old Kashmir dominated dispensation.” He slammed BJP for putting Jammu’s interests and development subservient to the pleasure of Kashmir based political party for remaining stuck to power.
Mahajan lamented that for the past two and half year of BJP- PDP dispensation, Jammu has been the worst sufferer of discrimination at the hands of Kashmir dominant rulers.
Mahajan appealed to the BJP National President, Amit Shah who is visiting Jammu and Kashmir State tomorrow to think over the plight of Jammu people who after providing splendid mandate to BJP in last Assembly elections has sent 25 MLAs to the Legislative Assembly are still depressed and are not getting their due share in employment and development front.

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