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Protest in Jamia in solidarity with Kashmir students

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New Delhi Apr 27

Students of Jamia Milia Islamia Delhi took out a protest march in solidarity with the people’s resistance movement of Kashmir, for their “right of self-determination” and against unleashing of state terror on students in academic institutions.

Students from different departments and faculties participated in the protest. A photo-exhibition was held in the afternoon in which various artists and students displayed their art work pertaining to Kashmir. The crowd was highly impressed with their creativity and innovative ways of showing resistance.

Later, a poetry session was also held and budding poets form Kashmir presented their revolutionary oriented poems in front of the gathering.

Addressing the crowd, Sobia Bhat, a sociology student said “Present generation of Kashmir has come out from the state sponsored fear and is able to discern fact from fiction. She further added that our youth is neither misguided nor paid but consciously determined towards a sublime cause”

While speaking at the protest, Shahid Lone, Ph.D Scholar, vehemently came down upon indian media for fabricating truth and its concocted stories. He said, “Indian media is the fifth column and not the fourth pillar of democracy”. He further added that ‘Kashmir is a battleground of truth and falsehood and India should accept the writing on the wall and they can’t contain Kashmir for long amidst the growing demand for right of self determination”

The uniqueness of the protest was that it reflected resistance rather than victim beating, courage instead of fear, hope rather than despair and ended peacefully with the lively slogans. Kashmiri diaspora pledged anew to remain steadfast and stand tall against New Delhi.

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