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Water level receding, but threat remains on Monday

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Srinagar: Although water level has receded in river Jhelum, but the looming threat of the floods continues to be here in Srinagar and other parts on Monday due to rainy spells throughout the day. The rains continued even on Monday though it was light rainfall, but the wet weather is giving sleepless nights to the people who live in low-lying areas of Srinagar and on the banks of water-bodies.

In Dal Lake it is already a flood like situation for all those localities that living within this water-body and the flooding of the area has resulted in ruining of the entire vegetable crop within this water body. There would be no vegetable markets in the mornings within the Dal Lake in near future as the floods have destroyed all such crop and many of the houses were also submerged due to the high water level within this water-body.





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