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It is war between students and police in Srinagar

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Srinagar: As the government reopened colleges and higher secondary schools with an appeal to students and parents to allow them to have a peaceful environment in the educational institutions, the police used tear-smoke shells, pepper gas and PAVA grenades to disperse students and entire Srinagar city was engulfed in traffic jam and protests.

This afternoon police was using force against students near Women’s College Srinagar and with the result all the people who were doing their routine work in the city centre had to bear the brunt of the force being used by police. “Police is free to beat people, to shut the shops to chase away people on the footpaths of Regal Chowk and Lal Chowk”, said an elderly person who had suffered by the tear-smoke shell.

Large number of girl students came out on the streets coming out from the Women’s College of Srinagar raising slogans against the police action on their college. The girl students said that they were being hit by the teargas shells and police was responsible for Monday disruption in studies and demanded action against them.

Reports from the other areas of Srinagar including Khanyar, downtown and Nawa Kadal suggested that police and students were engaged in pitched battles throughout the day of Monday. It was not immediately known how many students and men-in-uniform were injured so far.




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