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Clamour for PDP to come out from BJP coalition goes louder

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Srinagar: With each passing day clamour for the PDP to come out from the coalition of BJP is becoming louder as senior leader Muzaffar Hussain leader who represents the party in Parliament has said that Mehbooba should go back to the people to win their trust.

In an interview Muzaffar Beigh has been quoted as saying that PDP should go back to people and Mehbooba Mufti should not waste time in continuing in this coalition as it has damaged the party to great extent. Muzaffar Beigh has said that PDP should go back to the people and make them understand that they are their well-wishers and they are their honest friends.

Earlier, the younger brother of Mehbooba Mufti, Tasaduq Mufti in an interview said that government of India should start talks and the alienation cannot be addressed by use of force. He also said that PDP was losing its credibility among the people of Valley by being in coalition with BJP with Centre maintaining silence over the talks with separatists and other crucial issues to address the aspirations of youth.

It is to be seen what would be the final decision of Mehbooba Mufti about the continuation of coalition with BJP especially after meeting Prime Minister and other Central leaders including NSA Chief Ajit Doval and IB Chief.


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