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Hurriyat ridicules Modi.

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Srinagar: Hurriyat has strongly reacted to the recent statement of Prime Minister Narindra Modi army saved lives of Kashmir in the floods of 2014 and has described it as a brazen lie. Hurriyat said that not a single Kashmiri was rescued by the Indian forces and they were only airlifting their own family members, friends and tourists. However, Hurriyat claimed that J&K State had to pay a huge amount for these helicopter sorties of army which they used only for their own purposes.

Hurriyat said that this misleading statement by the Prime Minister came at a juncture when the forces were thrashing youth in Kashmir killing and maiming them. The statement said that on the day of election drama on April 9 they killed nine youth of Kashmir and injured hundreds of people and the Prime Minister was trying to cover-up the crimes of his army and security forces.


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