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Traffic chaos increasing on highway

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Srinagar: Traffic mess in the Srinagar city has increased manifold as the traffic police has stopped the entry of vehicles into the city at Pantha Chowk and at Sanat Nagar, HMT Crossing . These new curbs on the traffic to enter into Srinagar city has resulted in utter chaos in the Srinagar city and when hundreds of vehicles stand stranded at the two points of Pantha Chowk and HMT Crossing it becomes more confusing.

The curbs on the entry of vehicles has adversely effected many government departments especially the hospitals as the doctors and para-medical staff remain stranded for hours because of these new curbs on the regulation of traffic on the highway.

The J&K Traffic Department officials has stopped the entire traffic on Thursday at Pantha Chowk and permitted the vehicles to enter into the Srinagar city only upto 11:00 A.M. However they allowed the vehicles to enter the Srinagar city from Batwara  and Channapora Byepass.


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