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Sonu Nigam shaves his head to protest the fatwa of Cleric.

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MUMBAI:Bollywood’s Top singer,Sonu Nigam sent out one tweet where he said he can’t sleep because of the morning azaan from a nearby mosque, and blames it on forced religiousness. Though he later clarified that his tweet was against the use of loudspeakers rather than the religious practice, the improper framing of his tweet created a lot of controversy on social networking sites. One tweet suddenly became a huge religious debate, and people were either supporting his statement, or trolling him on Twitter. However, one Maulvi in West Bengal did something stupid that tilted the scale in Sonu’s favour – he issued a fatwa against the singer. He said he would reward anyone 10 lacs to shave off Sonu Nigam’s head.

Hilariously it was Sonu nigam himself, who took up the challenge, and in front of a bevy of journalists, asked his friend and hairstylist Aalim to shave off his head. But not before he put out this tweet, for the Maulvi.


Meanwhile,Cleric Syed Sha Atef Ali Al Quaderi today said no ‘fatwa’ was issued against Sonu Nigam for his tweets over the use of loudspeakers in shrines and that the singer will get Rs 10 lakh award announced by him only if he fulfils the rest of the conditions.

“I wish to state that there was no fatwa issued against Nigam…I reacted to his tweet on azaan. I would like to say that if you (Nigam) need to live in a democratic, secular country like India you have to live with every religion,” Syed Al Quaderi, the vice-president of West Bengal Minority United Council, told PTI.

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