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Stay Home

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The best possible remedy to fight COVID-19 so far has been only one, to stay indoors. Authorities have been impressing upon the people to take precautions to combat corona virus and the prime precaution is to maintain physical distance from each other.

Social and religious gathering should be avoided at all costs otherwise COVID-19 can infect more and more people here.

Maintaining the physical distance and staying at home is nothing new for the people of Kashmir. We have seen long spells of shutdowns and lockdowns and “janta curfew” in the last 30 years. In this fight for life, three weeks lockdown announced by the government should be implemented by the people for their own survival.

But in the past few days, there have been lot of instances in Kashmir when police stopped even ambulances and the people connected with essential services on the streets. Police has also thrashed lot of people including shopkeepers, who are exempted by the authorities to sell essential items to the people of Kashmir.

The government try to educate people more about the benefit of lockdown and staying at home rather than trying to use force on the streets to enforce the writ of the government. It is the responsibility of authorities to keep the supply chain open of all the essential commodities for the people of Kashmir and police should facilitate the distribution of these items rather than using batons on people.

Authorities have once more appealed people of Kashmir in general and residents of Srinagar and particular not to come on the streets just for fun but only when they have some genuine emergencies.

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