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Government has in the recent past taken number of steps to ease the situation on ground in Kashmir valley and to start political process in the coming months. After six months of detention many prominent mainstream political leaders including Sajad Gani Lone and Waheed Para were released from MLA hostel prison and shifted to their homes. Though they have been kept under house arrest but the signals are clear that even the restrictions of their normal activities would be lifted soon.

Central government is very keen to ease the situation in Kashmir and in this direction they have lifted restrictions on internet services though partially. The slow speed of internet is one of the main problems of common people and the blanket ban on social media sites in hundreds has not eased the problems of people who want to access the sites.

Similarly ban of facebook, whatsapp, instagram and other such platforms is continuing in Jammu and Kashmir ever after six months. The steps taken by the government are in the right direction but common people feel that they are too little and too late.

People in Kashmir valley want lifting of complete restriction on the internet services and they want the government to allow voices of dissent on the streets also so that life becomes easy and the normal activities start becoming visible.

In the past six months government has tried to keep the situation normal without any violence and in this direction they have been successful because since the abrogation of article 370 on August 5 last year there has been very little violence in Kashmir valley.

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