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SMVD Narayana Superspeciality Hospital a long with Brett Lee spreads awareness on hearing impairment

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Jammu,: Cochlear’s Global Hearing Ambassador and legendary Australian Cricketer, Brett Lee visited the city today, to work together with Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Narayana Superspeciality Hospital and continue the mission of spreading awareness on hearing impairment.
The World Health Organisation (WHO) states that over 466 million people worldwide suffer from hearing loss, which is almost five percent of the world’s population. As per the 2011 census, India has more than 50 lakh citizens who suffer from some form of hearing loss.
Sharing his experiences Brett Lee said, “Today, hearing loss is a grave public health concern. Around 34 million children across the globe suffer some form of hearing loss and India has a big population of this. I want to help make sure, that anyone who is living in this world can experience the sounds of joy! Everyone must be able hear the voices of loved ones, family and friends. Parents and family members must not ignore the smallest signs of hearing loss and should take speedy action if diagnosed. Over the past few years, I have personally witnessed how a Cochlear Implant takes a person from silence to sound. It is a life changing moment!”
A large population of hearing impaired, especially the Indian youth; results in a severe loss of productivity, both physical and economic. Unaddressed hearing loss poses a high cost for the economy globally.
Speaking about the hospital’s contribution, Shri. Simrandeep Singh, C.E.O, SMVD Shrine Board, stated, “Helping people hear and live a happy life is one of the most priceless and noble deeds. We are proud to be associated as a centre conducting Cochlear implantation which helps children and young adults fly high and achieve their dreams. We have been extending financial support to needy familiesand we promise to continue supporting this cause.”
Hearing loss is an invisible problem since it cannot be seen and hence does not get the attention it requires. 27,000 plus children are born deaf in India every year, which delays development of speech, language and cognition. This hampers the child’s education, career and entire life.
Dr. (Brig) Man Mohan Harjai, C.A.O, SMVDNSH, said, “In less than a year, our hospital has successfully performed 9 Cochlear Implant surgeries and we are delighted when we see the progress of our young superstars! It gives us the motivation and drive to continue working to make our State free of hearing impairment. We believe that none of these children deserve a life of silence.”
Despite these appalling numbers, most commoners are totally unaware about hearing loss, its impact and advanced remedial options that are available.
Emphasizing on the need to spread mass awareness, Dr. Rohan Gupta, Consultant, Dept. of ENT & CI Surgery, SMVDNSH Hospital, said, “Getting a simple hearing screening test at birth can help us treat kids with hearing loss and help them live fulfilled lives. This helps providing treatment at an early stage, thereby reducing the trauma of living with hearing loss. Thanks to advancements in medical technology, we now have a great innovation that can now restore one’s hearing ability and can totally transform the life of the child or adult through a Cochlear Implant.”
Dr.Saumya Ahuja, Medical Spdt SMVDNSH and Dr. Sunil Kotwal, Consultant, Dept. of ENT & CI Surgery, SMVDNSH Hospital felicitated the young Cochlear implanted children and their families for their courage and hard work. They motivated them to continue working on therapy and language development of the children, so they can achieve all that they aspire; and grow up to be successful citizens of tomorrow.
Dr.Shirish M Dhoble, Clinical Director SMVDNSH extended vote of thanks to all the dignitaries and recipient family who grace the occasion with their presence and to the media for taking the message on hearing impairment to the masses.

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