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The recent revelation by State Human Rights Commission (SHRC) has shown that Governor’s administration has to answer lot of questions about the health of all the central-sponsored schemes especially in the Social Welfare Sector. Recently, State Human Rights Commission (SHRC) Chairperson, Justice Bilal Ahmad Nazki revealed that about five lakh applications of widows, physically challenged and destitute persons, seeking monthly pension of Rs 1000, under various schemes, are pending with the Government.

From the year 2009 till date, no application has been sanctioned and no pension has been granted to such persons, SHRC chairman said. He said the rights of five lakh people “have been violated” continuously from 2009 till date and that was not by the police, adding that, due to efforts of SHRC, pension for 50,000 people have now been sanctioned.  He said the Commission deals with the Human Rights violations associated with police and security forces and also with the rights violation committed by others which are more predominant. He said the protection of human rights in the third world countries and in India is not an easy task.

Making lakhs of people deserving for the monthly pension to survive is a grave neglect on the part of the Governor and its expected from the Governor’s administration that they will take a decision in the next SAC meeting for the release of such pensions to five lakh widows, physically challenged and those persons who cannot survive and have no source of income.

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