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Omar says Afridi clearly supported freedom for Kashmir

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Srinagar : National Conference Vice President Omar Abdullah questioned Shahid Afridi’s statement on Kashmir being ‘celebrated in sections of the Indian media’, underlining that the former Pakistan cricketer clearly supported freedom for Kashmir.

“I don’t get what sections of the Indian media are celebrating WRT #ShahidAfridi’s statement. Forget what he said about Pakistan’s 4 provinces, the byte I saw clearly had him supporting freedom for Kashmir & criticising human rights violations so how…

The flamboyant all-rounder from Pakistan  had asked India and Pakistan to leave Kashmir “for the sake of humanity” and let Kashmiris decide their own future.

“Don’t give Kashmir to Pakistan or India either. Let them be independent. Humanity is big thing. Human are being killed there (Kashmir). It hurts to see humans are being killed whatever religion they may belong,” Afridi said while addressing students at the British Parliament.

The cricketer had also taken a dig at Pakistan by saying that the country was “already struggling to manage its four provinces” – a remark that earned him ire from Pakistan media following which he had to issue a clarification.

The cricketer accused Indian media of misinterpreting his comments and presenting them “out of context”.

“I’m passionate about my country and greatly value the struggles of Kashmiris. Humanity must prevail and they should get their rights,” he said in a tweet.

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