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Straws in air

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Post-Pakistan elections there have been lot of talk about Kashmir and Prime Minister elect Imran Khan in his first speech has talked at length about the importance of Indo-Pak friendship and for the resolution of Kashmir dispute. Fresh efforts have been made from both sides through back channels to break the ice as the two neighbours cannot live in isolation. There has been lot of freeze of the Indo-Pak friendship and the new hopes are in the air that there would be some development for the resumption of dialogue between India and Pakistan soon after Imran Khan will take oath.

All the political leaders of Kashmir have urged Prime Minister Narindra Modi to respond to the Imran Khan’s statement that if New Delhi will take one step for the resolution of Kashmir dispute, Pakistan will take two steps. After lot of thinking and contemplation, New Delhi finally responded through Foreign Office and said that they have that there would be a peaceful South Asia with new government in Pakistan.

Prime Minsiter Narindra Modi finally dialed Imran Khan and congratulated him for his success in the elections. This telephone call has generated not only lot of buzz in the political circles of Sub-Continent, but also in the media circles that India and Pakistan have started talking to each other to back channels. If media reports are to be believed, Imran Khan may invite Narindra Modi on his oath taking ceremony. These fresh straws in the air have filled the hearts of Kashmiris with fresh hopes that there would be some light at the end of dark tunnel of hostility between India and Pakistan in which the entire brunt is on the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

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