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No parking space

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Srinagar city along with Jammu city and other townships in Jammu and Kashmir State are facing acute problem of parking space and with more and more constructions for the commercial hubs, the problem has increased without any solution in sight. The Traffic police is only collecting money from the violators and the government along with its different wings responsible for giving space for the parking have failed so far to perform their duties. Hundreds of vehicles are fined every day on the streets of Jammu and Srinagar for wrong parking, but the authorities have failed to create the need of space for the parking lots so that this growing need of thousands of vehicles is met without any further delay.

In absence of proper parking norms and designated parking areas, the busy markets and vital roads of the twin cities remain chockablock, owing to haphazard parking of vehicles by roadsides. Motorists also find themselves clueless while parking their vehicles. Much to pedestrians and motorists’ chagrin, haphazard parking of vehicles by roadsides has virtually reduced the city roads to half. The government is only looking to the other side and is not addressing this burning problem on our streets.

In the Srinagar city, motorists senselessly park their vehicles along roads, causing congestion and it takes hours for people to reach to their destinations because of traffic jam. The authorities seem to have turned a blind eye to the growing congestion on the city roads. People park vehicles wherever they find space but the administration is least bothered about checking the violations.

The High Court has banned the parking of vehicles in Raghunath Bazaar but the directive is being flouted with impunity. Haphazard parking of vehicles has reduced the road to half, subjecting pedestrians and motorists to great hardship. It is high time that the administration clamped down on the menace of illegal parking. It is a trouble walking along city roads in the evening, as People Park their vehicles along the narrow roads and by-lanes, causing confusion.

Many issues are involved, including laxity on part of the enforcement agencies and then there is political interference. Though a number of notices are issued to violators, people go to court and get a stay. Now in Governor’s administration there is no such interference and the responsibility can be fixed as quickly as possible. The Governor can get a feedback why the parking lots are not being created despite funds earmarked by the government for this activity.

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