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Thousands observed International Quds Day observed in Kargil

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Kargil :-The Last Friday of the Holy Month of Ramazan ul Mubarak 1438 H. (Jummat ul Vida) observed as International QudsDay in Kargil to follow the saying of Imam Khomeini r.a the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran as he declared the last friday of Ramazan ul Mubarak to be observed as International #QudsDay.

Thousands of People Participated in the Friday Prayers of Jumma-tul-Vidda at in Kargil Town.

In Kargil town the biggest Procession of Quds Day was taken out after the friday prayer (Jummat ul Vida ) under the banner of Anjuman e Jamiat Ul Ulema Asna Asharya Islamai School Kargil and Imam Khomeini Memorial Trust Kargil.

The procession was started marching from Houza Elmiyah Asna Asharia Kargil passing through Jamia Masjid Main Bazar Lal Chowk, and return to Islamia School and Hussainy Park Kargil Ladakh.

The Quds Day rally was Concluded with speeches by renowned speakers at Islamia School Chowk and Hussainy Park, recited the verses of the Holy Quran following with speeches by renowned speakers.

Meanwhile in Sankoo Anjuman Sahib Zaman also organised Youmul Quds during which thousands of men and women of the area took part in these rallies and expressed solidarity with the people of Palestine .

The speakers on this occasion condemned the human rights violation in Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Bahrain, Yemen, Saudi Arabia and other parts of the world.

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