Bullets used at Lethpora can pierce bulletproof vehicles and armours

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Militants for the first time in J&K state have used such billets which can pierce bulletproof vehicles and body armour of forces. These bullets have been sent for forensic tests outside the state as the security establishment has been taken by surprise by the use of such bullets in J&K state.
In a news report India today has quoted inspector general of CRPF saying that in the Fidayeen attack at Lethpora training centre of CRPF on December 31, the bullets they used had pierced through the body armour of forces. The report further claimed that in this attack a bulletproof gypsy of assistant commandment of CRPF. The use of such bullets by the militants could emerge as a measure security nightmare as all the VIP’s use bulletproof vehicles and could now become targets. It is in place to mention that in the Lethpora Fidayeen attack three militants and five CRPF men were killed.

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