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Geelani condemn the attitude of Centre and PDP over Kashmir

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Srinagar: Syed Ali Shah Geelani in a statement said that India in the past seven decades with all its military might could not suppress the freedom struggle of Kashmiris and denounced the attitude and approach of PDP for the talks on Kashmir. He said that approach of PDP so far has been shameful and desperate to save their face.

Geelani has out rightly rejected bilateral talks saying dialogues either between India & Pakistan or Delhi and Srinagar are futile exercises unless issue is resolved through UN resolutions. India need to shun state sponsored violence and uphold international law, respect and adhere UN resolutions on Jammu and Kashmir, said Geelani. UN resolutions form basics and guarantee the peaceful and amicable solution & represent aspirations of people of Jammu and Kashmir.

He further said that continuous denial by Delhi shows their colonial & despotic approach won’t change the historical realities about Kashmir issue nor they can break our resolve or make us to budge. Occupation never lasts long and they may continue forced occupation but it is a temporary phase and must go. He said that Indian leadership employed all its measures & failed to lure people, as people at no time bargained for their cherished aspiration. Referring to Delhi’s Kashmir policy, he said that they failed and it is because of their unrealistic approach, situations in Kashmir are swelling with each passing day. Be it LK Advani’s theory or fanatical and threatening approach of Narinder Modi, it won’t help Delhi, said Geelani. It makes no difference, whether they follow LK Advani’s theory or fanatical views of Narinder Modi.

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