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BCI panel has shaken the confidence of JK people

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With Supreme Court halting the Kuthua trial upto May 7, the report filed by BCI panel has shaken the the JK people to the core by openly siding with accused.
Legal experts, and many lawmakers in Kashmir have said that BCI panel has not only overstepped its brief given by Supreme Court but has open,y sided with accused not with the victim.
It is in place to mention that Supreme Court directed bar council of India to send a team to Jammu to find how lawyers at Kuthua and Jammu were obstructing justice in the case of minor girl’s rape and murder. Instead of submitting such report they have given a clean chit to these lawyers who have openly sided and participated with the accused and pro rapist rally’s. BCI has given its opinion on the issue while as the team was not given any mandate by Supreme Court. It’s surprising to note that BCI panel has also supported the demand of CBI investigation, as being raised by accused and Hindu Ekta Manch. Lawmakers in Kashmir and some senior lawyers have said that the accused in the case have no right to demand such investigation of their choice. They have described the BCI report as a cover up to the activities of criminals and accused and have by this report tried to influence the entire investigation and have virtually blocked the possibility of a fair trial for the victim.
In a surprise move BCI in its report while overstepping its brief has also said that the credentials of Muslim bakarwals lawyer and social activist Talib Hussain should be probed. It is the same lawyer Talib Hussain who by his protests was able to get media attention in this gruesome crime. The BCI report has shown that, people of J&K have no expectations from such bar council of India panels to ensure justice to the victim. Their shameful cover up is I spite of the fact that crime branch in its report has clearly shown the motive behind the crime and that was to scare away Muslim Bakarwals from Hindu dominated areas of Jammu region.
BJP is still giving its tacit support to Hindu Ekta Manch in Jammu and now Jammu bar association after BCI clean chit has started projecting state CM Mehbooba Mufti as a jihadi purely because she has tried to do her duty to ensure justice to the family of the victim.

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