Ather Kirmani

South Kashmir killings slide Kashmir to unrest

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The three encounters in Anantanag and Shopian on Sunday morning has been a bad news for all tourism related trade bodies in Kashmir. At Dielgham army and security forces killed a young boy who had joined militancy only last month. Is this enough for the army and security forces to kill any teenager whose picture appears on social media with a gun? CM Mehbooba Mufti recently assured that she will try to suspend all anti militancy operations during the current tourist season to give peace a chance. The killings of Sunday and the massive scale of protests have shown that entire Kashmir valley is one incident away from sliding back to unrest. The disturbing reports from South Kashmir about the level of protests and injuries to youth, has brought the current tourist season at the brink of washout. After all what army and security establishment want to prove by killing teenagers who just click their photographs with a gun and post it on Facebook. Most of these teenagers have not gone through any arms training and have been joining the militant ranks purely as a reaction.
CM Mehbooba Mufti according to PDP leaders is very upset with continuation of anti militancy operations in South Kashmir and she along with her party feel that these operations are now proving counter productive. Mehbooba Mufti will have to assert as the head of unified command to suspend the operations and provide a breathing space to the people of Kashmir and also to these, “pushed to wall teenagers” to rethink about their decision to rebel against the government. Amid protests and killings it seems that all the recent efforts to give peace a chance including release of JRL leaders has proved short lived and these efforts have been washed away.

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