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Yashwant sinha says Modi yet to meet them on Kashmir

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Srinagar senior BJP leader Yashwant Sinha has said that prime minster has yet to give him audience as he has requested to discuss Kashmir situation. In an interview with Indian Express he said that that central government should respond and start dialogue with huriyat without any further delay.

He said that BJP as a political party has signed agenda of alliance with PDP promising to start process of reconciliation and dialogue with people of Jammu and Kashmir and they should keep their promise. Yashwant Sinha along with other members of his delegation visited Kashmir in third week of October and 2nd week of December 2016 , submitting two reports to the government, urging them to start unconditional talks with Huriyat .

He said that he is hopeful that central government will respond to the ground situation in Kashmir and stop hard policy which is proving counter-productive. He said that people of Kashmir including huriyat leaders will positively respond to the central government, if they will begin the process of dialogue. In the interview he has suggested appointment of interlocutor with full mandate from the central government to talk.


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