Nabeel Kirmani

Fear of floods, weather to improve from Wednesday

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Srinagar: Spells of rain on Sunday punctuated by winds and hail storms has brought back fear of floods in Srinagar. River Jhelum is receding but more rainfall has brought the fears in low lying areas of Srinagar that floods are round the corner.

The more and more rains as the weather man has predicted for Monday and Tuesday, though he has said that there would be light rainfall has swelled all the water bodies, nallahs and tributaries in entire Kashmir. However there is good news for the people of Srinagar as the weather man Sonam Lotus has said weather will improve from Wednesday. The Dal Lake has swelled so much that its waters are flowing out of its boundaries and water logged street near Cheshma  Shahi point has resulted in traffic jams on Boulevard Road. The fear of floods is writ large in Srinagar city as Jhelum seems angry and only swelling on its shores with more and more rains in offing.

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