Ather Kirmani

Low tourist traffic in Kashmir

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With an increase in violence and protests across Kashmir there is very low tourist rush in Srinagar.In this mid spring season there are virtually no bookings and most of the hotels and houseboats have the vacant boards hanging around them.
Vilonce in the by polls of Srinagar and the fresh drift in the situation has filled the air in the local tourism players that there would be another wash out of the tourist season.the low foot fall of tourist has brought  fears in the locals connected with the tourist trade that they will face now problem of piled up loans with different financial instructions.Hundreds of them have huge loans and have failed to repay because of repeated flop tourist seasons here.
In this month of April if the tourist destination will get no visitors thousands of families connected with this trade will have lot of hardships on the financial front.State government has taken lot of initiatives to bring  back tourists here but of no success so far

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