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In the growing positive case of coronavirus, doctors are the real heroes along with the paramedics including nurses to save the patients in Jammu and Kashmir. While the administration is trying to ignore their fight against this pandemic, doctors have been pleading with authorities to provide them Personal Protection Gears for their own safety. Instead of acknowledge their rule in the hospitals against the covid-19 threat, bureaucrats have warned them not to highlight such problems in the media and even issued an order that they would be booked if they continued to do so.
How vulnerable are Doctors, Nurses and other Paramedics can be gauged from the fact that one of the doctors in GMC Jammu got infected by covid-19 and now her is under treatment along with his wife and other family members. The doctor was in the Microbiology section of GMC Jammu conducting tests of such patients. The government should appreciate the efforts of doctors in such crisis situation and should avoid the path of confrontation with them.
Lieutenant Governor Girish Chandra Murmu should intervene and take up the matter with central government so that Personal Protection Gears are available in all government run hospitals especially in COVID-19 declared hospitals. Government should try to understand the problems been faced by Doctors and Paramedics while dealing with such a huge crisis and should stop threatening them with arrested and warnings. There is no denying of fact that doctors and paramedic in Jammu and Kashmir need PVC Gowns, Masks and Goggles for treating the patients who have tested positive for covid-19.
bureaucrats in J&K Administration should appreciate the frontline work being done by the medical fraternity and should avoid issuing government orders to desist them even to air their genuine grievances.

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