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years on ,  Sheikh Baqir Ziyarat road in Tral waits for completion.

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Tral/Aripal With the works on Excavation of Sheikh Baqir Ziyarat Road  from Dar Ganie Gund-Sofigund of Tral villages  remaining incomplete even after nearly 13 months, the people are an inconvenienced lot as the incomplete work is hindering public movement on this road.

The construction work on this Road was taken up in a hurry  after the Assembly polls But when the Govt falled down ,The contractor, for unknown reasons, has stopped the works midway, which has been causing a lot of inconvenience to pedestrians and the vehicles alike.

The road was dug up for underground drainage works and the mud excavated has been left uncleared which has resulted in huge mounds of mud piling up along the road, causing hindrance to pedestrian and vehicular movement.

The incomplete work has also badly affected street vendors, who used to walk on this road.

The incomplete works on this Ziyaarat Road is also said to be one of the reasons for the resentment of the local population.

The incomplete works is also posing threat to school children and women as the road passes through mountainous area.It is also posing some health problems as the underground drainage along the road is broken at some points, with channel  water which is flowing sideby to the road, leaking all along the road with unbearable pungent smell.

We are facing threat while walking on this road ,as the road passes through the landsliding prone region,said group of students .

All the people of this village especially women and we students are facing immense hardships due to potholes and plethora rocks on this road,students from sofigund village added.

Ishtiyaq Ahmad,Junior Engineer R&B Tral ,when contacted said that project was under CM fund and was not approved officially .The Funds of the excavated work also not sanctioned .contractor got only 10 lakh out of 60 lakh.replying to a question of resuming work on the said road,He said that work will not be reinitiate untill the funds will not be sanctioned.

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