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Traffic Police asks transporters to place copy of passenger fare list in their vehicles

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Srinagar, Mar 02 (KNS): Following the reports of surcharging the passengers, the Traffic Police Srinagar City on Friday appealed transporters to place a copy of latest “passenger fare list” in their respective vehicles.
“There are reports that some public transport vehicles surcharge the passenger while travelling in public transport. All public transport vehicles; be it state carriage or contract carriage must therefore place a copy of latest “passenger fare list” issued by the competent Authority displayed at a prominent pace in all public transport vehicles viz. 407 passenger vehicle, Sumos, Taveras other Maxi cabs,”
The statement reads that the latest passenger fare list was issued by Transport Commissioner and State Transport Authority Srinagar / Jammu vide No. TC/JK/P&S/73-III/O-995-1086 dated 22.06.207 for different vehicles.
They said that the fare rates (inclusive passenger tax) for medium commercial vehicles (mini buses or its equivalent) is upto 3 kms , the payable fare is Rs 6.00, upto 5kms, the payable fare is Rs 9.00, upto 10 Kms, the payable fare is 11.00 while Rs 13.00 and RS 17.00 is the payable fare upto 15 and 20 kms respectively.
The traffic Police also said that the payable fare beyond 20 Kms. For every additional Kms fare will be chargeable as applicable to stage carriage passenger busses on that route.
The department also publicized the revised rates for the contract carriage (taxi-maxi-cabs) (inclusive of passenger tax) Premium Segment including Innova, Fortuner is Rs 18.77.
For Medium Segment including Tavera, Scorpio, Qualis, Xyloetc is 17.98 while for Base Segment like Maruti, Esteem, Mohindra, Comm., Mahindra Trax, Ambassador Car (diesel) Sumo, Bolero, Tata Indica, Swift, Tata Winger, Tempo Traveler etc, the revised rate is Rs 17.67.
The traffic police further said that the waiting charges per hour Rs. 25/- during regular journey in a day time, luggage weighing upto 40 kgs shall not be chargeable and night halt will be chargeable Rs. 200/- lump-sum from 11.00 PM to 6.00 AM in case the Taxi/Maxi cab is hired on daily basis. (KNS)

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