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Kashmir chamber sends olive branch to Jammu chamber

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The newly elected body of kashmir chamber of commerce and industry has tried to appease thier counterparts in Jammu. They have not oposed most of thier demands but have tried to play safe on controversial issues. Following is the statement issued by Kashmir chamber in response to Jammu bandh call given by Jammu chamber.

“1.          That the Kashmir Chamber unequivocally condemns the statement made by Sat Sharma, State President, BJP on Gulistan TV on the 15th of September, 2017 against the issues raised by the Jammu Chamber as inappropriate and unwarranted. The Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industry believes that the political establishment has a duty to take the views and opinions expressed by stakeholders in proper perspective and respond with seriousness and maturity which appears to be lacking in the response of Sat Sharma.

  1. The demand of the Jammu Chamber regarding the alleged “unaccountable and insincere” working of the majority of Ministers and the subsequent demand seeking their removal is duly endorsed by the Kashmir Chamber. There is no difference of opinion on the exit of non-performers.
  2. The Kashmir Chamber is also supportive of the demand for abolition of the Toll Tax being charged by the State Government on the pretext of safeguarding industry. Regarding GST, the Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industry is already on record demanding it’s rollback for the reason that it violates and encroaches upon the unique and special position of the State of Jammu and Kashmir in the Indian Union. Any law seen as an infringement of guaranteed rights will be opposed with all the strength at our command.
  3. The Jammu Chamber of Commerce and Industry has expressed dissatisfaction at the slow pace of acquiring land for AIIMS at Vijaypur. In this regard, we would question the rationale for having two AIIMS in one State. The AIIMS was originally announced for Kashmir, and after the agitation launched by our Jammu brethren over this, an unprecedented creation of two AIIMS was subsequently announced. Reportedly, they would now be somewhat smaller variants rather than a full fledged AIIMS, commonly referred to as mini-AIIMS.

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